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  1. To downgrade your BIOS first you have to enable BIOS Flash Back feature in the BIOS itself. Once you've done that just run the 3.05 BIOS exe file and let it does the rest. I'm guessing that when you try to run the 3.05 bios update file it would say EC compare version error or something, that's because the aforementioned feature isnt enabled.
  2. Guys I mine had 3.08, what I did was rolling back to 3.05 official then followed the guide. Now I've successfully flashed the modded bios (checked the bios options, insane stuff). My question is is it mandatory to flash the vbios? I just checked NVIDIA panel and it seems my SLI is working just fine.
  3. Oh hahahaha my laptop has 2x755m
  4. drprank

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    Wait so how far has testing gone with this project? Even if it works, will there be any kind of bottlenecks?
  5. Is it mandatory to flash the vbios? I don't really get it. Basically my bios right now is 3.07. So I have to downgrade it to 2.07, flash the modded bios and then the vbios as well?
  6. drprank

    IdeaFan for y510p y500 G500 Y580 y410p

    Yo. Same situation as you are in right now. I've found a temporary work around for this: You might notice that even with this error message the program still actually runs without fail. However the error message would not go away. So what did I do? I basically use Virual Desktops feature implemented in Windows 10. You create another Desktop (google it up if you dont know how), Bring up the tasks with Windows Key + Tab => right click the error message => Move to => Desktop 2. Bam! There you go. Now you're free to do what you like with the error message out of sight since it's now displayed on another desktop.
  7. drprank

    CS:GO FPS problems

    I play on a laptop too and I would frequently experience framedrops. After research I've come to conclude that it's an overheating problem.
  8. I have a y510p with 3.05 should I use this unlocked bios or flash it to 3.08? Also what's the chance of getting bricked?

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