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  1. Hey Guys, i had similar Problems with my old MSI GT70. I tried everything, but the problem was caused not by dust or something else. It was the crap "NVidia Optimus Technology" that caused my problems. I don't really know why it is so difficult to say a Laptop to use only the dedicated GPU... I solved the problem later this way: (second Monitor needed) #1 Plug in the Monitor Cable to your Laptop VGA port #2 Go to your Desktop and right click (i used Windows 7, also works on Windows 8/8.1) #3 Chose Display Settings #4 Make the external Display to the Main-Display #5 Start the Game #6 Press Windows+P and change the settings, that only the Laptop Display will be active #7 Play the Game without problems I hope i could help you and other guys. I found a way to do this without a secondary Display. Need time to search for it, When i found it again i will post it here. Greetings
  2. I've buyed an Core i7-5820k last Christmas. This CPU isn't fully occupied at any time. Is there any chance to get more out from the 6 native cores ? I thought sometimes i played GTA V the CPU wants to sleep. It was horrible. I've read something about "unpark CPU". What especially means that ? Thanks for your advice.
  3. Cheers kyouten, i can recommend the MSI GTX970. It's cheaper than most of the other GTX970 and we had overclocked it without problems. What i can also recommend is EVGA. They have special guarantee for overclockers and if you register your product you get 3 years free guarantee on top. Sounds good ? Greetings
  4. Hey StevenMal and everybody who wants a Gaming-Laptop like his requirements. If you really want a good Laptop at a budget like $3000 i would prefer choosing a Razer Blade 2015 Gaming Laptop. This Model is Slim, has enormous power, backlit Keyboard, and a really nice looking Style. It has all what you need to play and nearly fit with your requirements. Except the Optical Drive and the display size. If you don't give a *** on Style and only want pure power, i can recommend buying a MSI GT80. This Laptop has a NVidia GTX980M, at least 4GB of RAM and enough Space to upgrade HDD/SSD. The MSI GT80 comes also with a mechanical Keyboard (awesome) . If you want to look yourself, here the sources of both: Razer_Blade MSI_GT80 PS.: A bit expensive, but if that is not enough, you can still choose the GT80 Titan SLI from MSI: Titan_SLI Greetings
  5. Hey everyone, my MSI GT70 0NC is not working anymore. The Graphics Card is destroyed by an overheated chip. To change my fan speed, I need a unlocked Bios for that ? Is it right, that I also need the "3rd-gen core-i" Bios version .30 ? Thanks for your help
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