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  1. So I recently got myself a EXP GDC egpu adapter and a zotac NVidia GeForce gtx 960. I plugged everything in with a Corsair 1000w PSU and Connected the adapter to my mPCIE slot. No errors show up but once booted up and logged in there is nothing in the device manager. However when I go in my modded bios it says there is an external video device. Can anyone help me here? Thanks in advance! Lenovo p500/z500 specs (My specs) Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3250M @ 2.90GHz Memory: 16 gb ddr3 Graphics cards: Both integrated: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, and NVidia GeForce GT 740M Samsung Solid State Drive
  2. Its going to be awesome I wish steam could partner with microsoft to do that too
  3. I think its because its mainly multiplayer like play with family type of game
  4. no waste of money sorry they are marketing pcs into consoles
  5. do you have another graphics card?
  6. dude you dont need i7 just get a desktop with 8gb ram amd geforce and i5 processor
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