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  1. Just posting here because it is the only similar thread I found discussing this particular issue and I have been able to resolve it. I own a clevo p170em and had the exact same issue as OP when upgrading my vBIOS (GTX680m) before making sure my BIOS was the latest version (it was 1.00.07 and 1.00.06 EC). I was scared to not be able to update my system bios fast enough without the discrete GPU installed as the computer would shut down shortly after starting a series of 34 or 4 beeps. I found that it would alternate between 2 short beeps then 32 long beeps and 1 short beep and 3 longer beeps. To maximize my chances of having enough time to update the BIOS I removed all my HDDs and DVD player. With everything removed, I made a USB DOS drive with Prema's files for stock p170em BIOS and renamed "update.bat" to "x.bat" so I would only have to enter 1 letter then press enter to start the update. I made sure to start the update on a run with 2 short beeps and 32 long beeps and was surprised that after the first step of the update, the computer did not even start beeping and finished the update successfully. After reassembling the computer (with the gtx680m), everything booted up just fine. So for anyone with the same issue, your computer is not bricked yet. You just have to update your system BIOS to the latest stock and it should work. Good luck!
  2. Doryn

    is my GPU fried?

    Sorry to bring up a somewhat old thread, but did you have to replace your video card afterall? Im having a similar issue with mine and am wondering what to do.
  3. I have had the exact same issue. These last few weeks everytime I would play for a longer session my framerate would start to throttle and the screen would end up becoming half black. I really thought my video card had died and even started to shop for a new system. But in the end just removing the dust fixed it
  4. Hello, I am a new member on these forums and am looking for a little bit of enlightenment regarding an issue I have with World of Warcraft GPU utilisation. I have found that in certain zones of the game, my GPU utilisation is at a steady 99% and fps are between 60-80 at Ultra settings or 90-120 at Good (setting at which I currently raid) while in other zones my fps is sluggish at 20-40 on Ultra or 30-50 at Good while my GPU utilisation stays below 50%. Would that mean that my CPU is a bottleneck in these zones for some reason? BTW, both of those zones are outdoor zones so it should be similar in terms of amount of stuff to render. I thought at first that it was caused by software attempts to conserve power and made sure to change my nvidia settings to 'Prefer maximum performance' but it does not change anything. Anyone have the same issues with a similar system? Thanks!
  5. Doryn

    Clevo from Xotic PC

    I have purchased two clevo models from Xoticpc and have had close to no issues. By close I mean that I had to work quite a bit to get an issue resolved when there was a clear problem with my second system but in the end it was resolved. As far as the battery is concerned are you leaving the system plugged in 24/7 or are you using it on battery regularly? I know my battery wore down really fast on my first system but I try to take it out when it is docked on my current system and the battery seems to hold much better. Have you tried contacting them about the missing software? They seemed quite honest and trustworthy when I made business with Xoticpc but things might have changed since then (it was in 2012 last time). tl;dr: My experience with Xoticpc is that they are very professional and trustworthy but they do sometimes sell certain models that have known issues or hardware configurations that are not really compatible. I have learned it the hard way when I bought my P170em with 7970m and the gpu usage was stuck at 25% while my games were running at 20 fps. Quite happy with my 680m now though and the same system.
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