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  1. So is it worth me swapping the optical drive out for a hdd caddy then getting a ssd on the m14x r2? I'm using a modded version of a13 bios that I downloaded from here.
  2. When I play a graphically intense game on the m14x r2 via hdmi or the laptop monitor will the laptop automatically switch over to the gt 650m even though nvidia control panel says the hdmi port and laptop monitor are connected to the intel graphics card?
  3. Does anybody know any good oc settings for the i7 3630qm or the gt 650m now that I'm on a modded version of a13 bios that I downloaded from here?
  4. What's a good oc for both the cpu & gpu with the modded bios? I'm new to overclocking Intel cpu's & overclocking any gpu's.
  5. I have an alienware m14x r2 with a intel i7 3630qm with 12gb of ddr3 memory and a geforce gt 650m would I be able to overclock both the cpu and gpu if I installed a modded bios?
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