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  1. for those, who are interested.. nv_dispi.inf_v385.41_Win7_8.1_PEG_Dedicated_AW_CLEVO_MSI.zip
  2. setup? what do you mean by that? using windows 8.1 pro at 64-bit nothig extra imported only Full_profiles_v353.00 gpu temperature is under 65° and almost never goes higher. cpu temperature is between 60 and 70° i suspect its some directX error since older games are running fine like bioshock or league of legends. but newer ones are constantly crashing like wolfenstein the old blood, CS:GO, sims4, warhammer: vermintide
  3. hello my friends! i kind of having a problem with 980m cards. my games are crashing at a frequent rate. like about every half hour. just closing.. no error report, nothing :/ any ideas how to fix this? (using 2x 980m SLI in a m18x r2 laptop with 353.00 throttling fix driver from j95)
  4. i have a score of about 12k in firestrike with prema vbios 1.1.1 on 980m SLI..
  5. as far as i know USB 2.0 can get u a max of 2.5 watt (5V, 0.5 Ampere) and USB 3.0 will deliver u a max of 4.5 watt! (5V 0.9A). you shouldnt go over those limits. i also have a cooler master but the fans there suck ass. only thing i noticed is that they blow more dust into the laptop.. you can try out IC Diamond thermal compound. only thing i can say it.. it is REALLY REALLY GOOD! in idle my GPUs are running about 50°C and the max temperature i had was about 82°C (alienware m18x r2; 980m SLI)
  6. yes thats what i was wondering too. anyways... we agreed that he is going sending me another SLI KIT (which arrived after a month; and tracking was/is showing its still at the post office at canada). crazy post company over there at canada.. maybe they screwed the first package up too.. who knows
  7. i sent you a private message.
  8. this woodzstack guy sure has the best price, i'll give him that! but the problem is... what if i order it and the customs send the package back... AGAIN? and AGAIN? not sure how many times paypal gonna refund the money. so thats why i thought im gonna check for alternatives first before doing the process again.
  9. you have to get like an "invitation card" from the customs to actually pick it up. without this "invitation card" they wont give you the package. i didnt received this card. and yes they automatically sent it back. besides the tracking stated that the package was stationed at a city about 400km (or 250 miles) away from me. i cant just walk there, lol. - - - Updated - - - well there is an option on ebay price proposal (preisvorschlag). i used it but it got declined.
  10. yes saw them too but 1600 euros is a bit much! compared to woodzstacks price. its about 300-400 euros difference. they also arent negotiating. :/
  11. well yes i ordered about a month ago from him.. the problem was.. the package got shipped back by the customs to him (for whatever reason)! i had no option to pick the package up in any way. then he said shipping is not his problem and said i have to pay over 100 CAD so he would ship it again. then i filled in a complain on paypal and got my money refunded. what im saying is he still offering me to ship with a lower price now. but in my opinion it was bad customer service and i am looking for some alternatives now before i go through all this trouble again with him.
  12. hello! i want to buy 2 980m GTX 8gb cards for my alienware m18x r2, including a SLI cable. have you guys any vendors you could recommend me? maybe you could tell me your experience buying off of them and also list the pricing/website. you can write me a private message if you want to. i live in germany by the way!
  13. yes i bought a bluetooth dongle but i still dont get why this doesnt work with the mini pci adapter.. thanks for the responses tho.
  14. hello my friends, i wanted to connect my ps3 controller via bluetooth through a programm called ds3 tool. the problem is.. it wont show in the driver manager i have "dell wireless 380 bluetooth 4.0 module". has anybody using this program managed to solve this problem?
  15. speaker LED: probably dead, could also be a connection problem macro keys: could also be a connection problem media board: i am pressing harder than the keyboard but not like how you described it you could try to disassemble your laptop (with the help of a guide) and see if the cables are properly connected but be careful you can damage a lot!
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