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  1. Hello all am Domingus I am a Asus G751jt owner and loving I work for In computers happy to help with anyone that might need it am great at software problems and Rooting phones I have a rooted note 4 atm thanks guys have a great night
  2. thats great man Kolias make sure your power supply is getting the full 330 sometimes where you have it plugged in can gimp it down also make sure your battery is fully charged so al the power is being used for the laptop. Goodluck
  3. its fine I would discharge your battery to about 60% than remove it if you live in area with power cuts use a battery back up safer that way anyway good luck
  4. Yes thous are fine numbers you should only repaste if your numbers go up in to the mid to high 90s at the point I would blow it out with compressed air first good luck let me know if you need anymore help
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