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  1. Just a thread for anyone who owns a np8651 and has made some useful apps or shortcuts for the hardware specifically.
  2. I know it isn't air but I have to point out how wonderful the thermaltake water 2 pro when paired with the necessary NZXT Kraken G10 is. Best $60 dollar cooling investment I have ever made.
  3. Well galaxy gave me a 970 as a replacement for my faulty 780 so ill take the extra 512mb. I know the 970 isn't exactly much of an upgrade but newer software and direct x 12 was something I thought would be worth keeping. Maybe someone else is in my situation?
  4. YES, I went to gogol bordellos concert in houston it was fantastic. This might be a bit late but.
  5. Does this work for the sager np8651? Sorry if this question has already been answered but I don't really want to browse the forum forever (never mind answered my question. Premamod.com explains this)
  6. Hello everyone, I have a sager np8651 and I am hoping to be able to overvolt my 970m to attain higher memory speeds so I can play more games at uhd!
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