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  1. Sry dont know how to remove that attached File, so just ignore it (stock.v. .rom.txt)
  2. Hey svl7 could you mabe take a look at my stock bios and see if you can make it better? I have 2 Msi GTX 780 with Arctic Accelero Xtreme III aftermarket Coolers and the fans dont seem to be on the right setting in the stock bios if you know what i meen. Accelero Xtreme III · VGA · Cooling · ARCTIC Im adding my Stock bios. Hope you can help, the only thing i know is that the fans are 2000rpm max. MSI.GTX.780.stock.v. stock.v. .rom.txt
  3. One more question will the new Nvidia GTX 780 (EVGA) - 80.10.3A.00.01 - 'OC edition v03' work on my MSI GTX780 card?
  4. I have a MSI GTX780 with the latest referens card bios on it Nvidia GTX 780 (EVGA) - 80.10.3A.00.01 - 'OC edition v03', my question is : As i have bought a [h=1]ARCTIC COOLING ACCELERO XTREME III[/h]http://datorfixarna.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=37706 witch VBIOS should i use now?
  5. I have 2 msi GTX 780 in SLI and im looking in to change the stock cooling on these cards. So wich cooling is the best and where can i buy them?
  6. Hi. I have flashed my 2 MSI GTX780 with the Nvidia GTX 780 - - 'OC edition v00' Bios, no problem there but when the cards a3re idle they downclock themself to Core/324 Mem/324 and Volt/0.875 but when i stress test them in for example Kombustor i get the clocks and volts that i have set in OC. Is it suppose to do that? Or have i done something wrong? - - - Updated - - - Hera are the links to the pics so you can see them better: http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/2721/9nq4.jpg http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/6957/5pj0.png http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/6238/r1tm.png
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