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  1. Hi again, tried to flash different (modded one from SL7v, another HP original, self modded ones, modded one from Klem) vBios to my HP8770W (Quadra K4000M) - flash procedure shows all ok, after reinstalling the GPU-Drivers and reboots, GPU-Z shows me the flashed vBios - Nvidia Inspector says alwas still another vBios as the flashed one... So it's seems to be as Klem said - there must be another vBios within my Systembios wich is used instead of the flashed one... GPU-Z shows me when i'm flashing the original vBios taken from GPU of my Notebook it's not UEFI compatible - when i'm flashing another vBios (taken from HP WorkStation Z1) GPU-Z tells me it's UEFI compatible...but this should not made differences in my case, because i'm using Windows7 without UEFI support... Did anyone unlocked his Quadro from HP8770w Notebook sucsessfully? Any ideas how i con unlock my vBios to past the +135MHz GPU-Clock-Limit?
  2. Hi SL7v, can you mod me a vBios from my HP8770w Notebook - there is a HP Quadro K4000M integrated...when i'm back in my office i'll grab the bios from it with GPU-And post it here... Thanks bro Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk =============================== Here the original vBios from my HP8770W: http://www.file-upload.net/download-10955106/HP_K4000M_80. I#ve allready flashed your submitted modified Dell K4000M Bios - but i'm still not able to overclock the GPU for more than +135MHz - Afterburner set this to max overlocking Limit...
  3. FTW! Cool feature! Thanks for the info and the superb link
  4. Def. the M11x with i5....
  5. depp

    New wheels

    nice litte baby
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