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  1. Hey guys, new to the forum I have a few questions about the m14x r2, I recently replaced a bricked mobo, now i need to re activate windows, but the key stored in UEFI is for windows 8, i upgraded to 8.1 my first question is how can i reactivate windows 8.1 without reinstalling window8 and then upgrading again, i have 300gbs of games (still installing) i dont want to painfully redownload. second question, do any of the unlocked bios stop the thermal throttling of the 650m? ive monitored temps and i believe its due to the HD 4000 gpu overheating. last question, trying to upgrade bios, my battery is dead so im not sure how to upgrade without buying a new battery :/ any help is greatly appreciated
  2. Running windows 8.1 on my R2, I have the AlienFX, Command Center and all drivers working fine, input your service tag on the dell website, they should list windows 8.1 under driver selection
  3. Id like to know what unlocked version is better, a11 or a13? id like higher stock speeds but no 67c limit
  4. I bought an m14x r2 and i love the machine! but i hear it throttles the 650m at around 650m, it turns out this is true :/ but it seems to be related to cpu temps of the hd 4000, i disabled turbo mode and it lasted up to 69c before the 650m throttled :/ not good for gamers considering 70c is fine to me, i have a cooling pad.
  5. Can we update this in windows? The last time I tried a DOS upgrade, it bricked my mobo and i ended up spending 600 on a new one :L
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