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  1. is there any diffrence if i am running windows 8, or 8.1? And English is non prior language? I Hope that it will works. Does anybody know if people are seeding it? ISOTOUSB should works for pen-drives also? Is there any posibility that it wont require to format all of my drives and it will keeps windows licence, so i wont need to enter the key once agine?
  2. i did like this and it didnt help. I took the win 8 cd from my friend, booted from external dvd rom, and started to repair automaticly, wich didnt help. Then i started terminal and then i tried to rebuild bcd , but the command couldnt find the destination of the file.
  3. it would be great, but guys from the shop where i bought it, told me that they cant give me the key becouse of some microsoft new way to fight with piracy. And thats why windows 8 stickers dont have code on it.
  4. Hello, im new guy on the forum with Lenovo Y510P. Windows upgraded into 8.1, and everything in this laptop was great, until someday when i turned it off. My next turn on was with the blue screen and the message: Recovery Your PC needs to be repaired The boot configuration data file is missing some required information. File:\BCD Error Code:0xc000000d "You'll need to use recovery tools on your instalation media." I dont have any recovery Tools. I bought this laptop with windows 8, so i dont have any cd and the stickers with serial key on it. I have the warranty still on it, but when i called into the shop where i bought it, they told me that it will be 100% format of the hard drive wich i believe (and i hope becouse of my data wich i cannot lose!) isnt needded. I cannot take out the hard drive becouse of my warranty stickers on screws. The things that i have done: I have borrowed from my friend windows 8 CD then i runned automatic sysem repair wich didnt worked. Then i run the terminal where i used the "bootrec - rebuild bcd" command. wich didnt works becouse of somekind of failiure of the finding bcd file. Next step was checking sata controller mode becouse i've read somewhere that if it isnt on ahci mode it can make problems like this, but it didnt worked also. Right now i've joined also this forum becouse i found some thread up here, where i can download the recovery media for the lenovo. (But yet i cannot do that becouse of my number of the post). In meantime i found somwhere else two Lenovo recovery torrents wich i am actually waiting for. Any ideas how to fix this problem? I cannot lose my data on the laptop. I have files on partitions d and e. Windows was on c but the service guy said that he will have to make full format becouse it is posobility that windows will require full format of hard drive. If you have any other questions i will reply but it can takes time becouse of my job. (i dont have always possibility to anserw, but i will watch the thread). Best wishes!
  5. Hello, Im here becouse of my problems with Lenovo Y510. Wonderfull Laptop but the software just crashed. Hope that i will find solution of the problem here. And i love music, music and 1 more time music.
  6. Warrior is a good movie. I've seen it few days ago, and it was good choice.
  7. I have this one, and for that price, i believe this is the best choice. After 4 months of using this one i can say that this size is universal one, maybe its heavy as aznvico said (before i had macbook 13") but still i love it. I own the gt755m sli version, and it can handle most games very well. But unfortunatly after few months my windows went down, so if you have this one. Make sure that you will make the recovery disc first, becouse some day you may need it. General feelings about laptop is very good. Only minus is for the plastic frame around the screen, wich looks a little bit miserable.
  8. yes, i dont have 5 post yet, and ofc i want to download this file, but i have a question first. My lenovo windows is actually down, i have already installed version without cd key, and the thing is that some day, when my battery discharged and the laptop turned off, i pluged the charger, then the blue screen came up with message, "your pc needs repair" Error code 0xc000000d. And it tells me that i need to use the recovery tools. Ive tried one key recovery on laptop, but it didnt work. It still showing blue screen. I have also windows cd from my friend, so i have tried to repair this one with the cd, but still there is same error. So the question is, do you think that lenovo recovery media will repair this error? This is problem of the File: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc000000d PS. I am sorry about my english, this is my second language
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