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  1. I do some research, if My PE4C 3.0 was broken or not I switch my PSU from Dell DA-2 to Seasonic bronze 520W And still yet. I assume My PE4C 3.0 was defect should I do another test ?
  2. I change switch my PE4C 3.0 SW 1 = 2 SW 2 = 1 For different purpose And this happen When I check nvdmi.inf could I enable optimus ?
  3. Hi AgMR what's your system ? Did you use Setup 1.30 ? With optimus profile, I cannot activate DSR and some nvidia features
  4. Still yet ------------------------- About 3 weeks I use gtx 1060, but... I got Nvidia driver not responding every I am playing games, This was 2 days ago until today Btw 2 weeks ago I go for clean install windows 10 and still not receive any update annivesary 1607. I use 368.81 and 368.95 driver version (use DDU for unintalling driver) but still yet fix the problem Should I clean install win 10 again ?
  5. Could PE4C 3.0 use usb cable from CM elite 130 ? The Picture shown below
  6. I just post about performance gtx 1060 with this laptop Firestrike. Look the graphics score, performance decrease about 20% than the desktop This is same with Time Spy
  7. Same as me. Waiting for internal display Which work with rx 480 with xconnect feature
  8. Hi guys. I'm just wondering How to check 12V of dell da-2 with multimeter ? Is same as PSU atx ? I have been tried. This psu haven't power on (green pin) like psu atx. So I dont need power on the dell psu. Instead I plug yellow pin (12 V) with red cable and black cable from multimeter into ground pin according the images. And the result show 0V instead of 12 V ?????? What's wrong with me ? Update: I got it guys. Try plug remote and ground pin Thank you.
  9. Me either who use pe4c v.3 And I am still suffering unstable gen 2. About RMA, that will be costly in my country. You're lucky, man. Btw, I Switch gen 1 And my PE4C v.3 still got crash. But I'm okay with it (because of desperation)
  10. You may consider to use PSU ATX instead of dell 220W Glad to listen who use Polaris GPU I'm waiting for AMD XConnect feature What the feature is work or not
  11. 3 weeks and I cannot resolve this problems anyone ?
  12. Did you update latest intel HD ? It let me hot plugged now.
  13. Finally my PE4C 3.0 can suit CM elite 130 case Build eGPU PE4C 3.0
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