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  1. I have ordered a 60cm HDMI cable, and I can get it before friday i will start as soon as i got the cable
  2. My eGPU(GTX650TI) works with Windows 10 but not in optimus mode, Both of the internal and external screen are functional, but I have to play games on the external screen to achieve high FPS
  3. I feel it's extremely hard to solder PCIe wires, although I had a lot of soldering experiences. The mean problem is that, the PCIe rx/tx channels are working at very high frequency, and there're a pair of wire for each channel (differential pair), you have to make the length of two wires in one pair exactly the same, and put them as closer as possible. I have tried a 50cm FFC cable for PCIe signals and it not stable, but 20cm FFC seems fine. (I think because the ffc cable doesn't have a shield like HDMI or SATA cables) Another thing that may be helpful is that, the length of two channels don't have to match, the PCIe controller is able to handle this.
  4. The problem has been solve. The problem was caused by my self-made hardware, it was using a 50cm FFC to transfer the PCIE signal, I guess the lose is too high to make it works properly, I replaced it with a 10cm FFC and get rid of this problem /w\ Later I'll post a thread about my full setup /w\
  5. I'm currently doing a eGPU project on my VPCSA25EC(I5 2520m, 2x4G DDR3, HM67 chipset,Intel HD3000 + ATI HD6630m) with a GTX650TI attached to it. From my previos experience about mounting a GTS450 into this laptop, I create a dump for the graphic card, and load it before compaction(4GB), and I disabled the HD6630m. Without any modification to windows 7, I install the latest official driver (350.xx) and It work, I'm able to connect a external vga screen to GST450, and it works without any problem. But the tragedy starts when I trying to do the same thing to GTX650TI. I setup the driver for it, after restart, the system stucks in the welcome screen for a while, and I end up with Error 43. By inspecting the system log, I found that one of the nvidia driver was unable to start. I tried to boot into win7 first and then sleep, then do a hot-plug and resume. The error 43 does gone, but I'm can not open the Nvidia controll center. Does anyone can come up with any ideas about this problem? I have spent over 40 hours on the previous eGPU project and at least 6 hour on the current one QAQ:bananalama: I recorded the resource usage of GTX650TI and GTS450, in case it's useful: GTS450: 128MB + 64MB + 32MB GTX650TI: 128MB + 32MB + 16MB I got those result from a desktop platform, with the graphic card on the second pcie slot(pcie1x) please help QAQ
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