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  1. honestly i would never consider "Mobile Gaming" on any gaming laptop, battery just dies waaaay to fast from any gaming laptop ive used anyway and you can barely use it for conventional websurfing/music etc without it having the same effect, i just took out my battery and keep my computer hooked up to a docking station. if anything bring a power cable instead of the battery when your going out lol
  2. ive got an elitebook 8770w and it runs really cool, but i use to get absolutely horrid temps, im talking 60-70 idle, after a good ammount of compressed air and now using a docking station with elevates the back ive got it down to 30-40, i must say first time using compress air was a blast lol, sooooo much dust balls came out of nooks and crannys that i didnt even know the laptop had, never underestimate a good compressed air cleaning
  3. ill generally use a controller for any game bar MMO's/mobas/strategy i use to despise controller on FPS alot, but now ive grown more acustomed to it from playing console shooters like halo. plus love being able to just recline in a chair and just lazily play with a controller lol
  4. Gotta agree with elitebooks having a solid build, i love the feel and look of my 8770w, but... on the other hand ive had 4 other hp laptops in the last 4 or so years, 3 being pavilions and the other being a envy beats edition,the envy wasnt so bad but the pavillions have always felt and looked cheap to me, really plastic look to them and all of them started having the touchpad "paint" start peeling off lol. no more pavillions for me.
  5. play it alot with a group of friends, phantom lancer ftw
  6. hey there, been very interested in overclocking my hp 8770w so thought id sign up and get abit more info. i game on it alot, prolly should just buy and make a gaming pc but eh whats the fun in that haha
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