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  1. Hey guys, I have figured out how to avoid the throttling issue on GT650m. Below is my solution: Tool: Nvidia Inspector How: 1) Launch Nvidia Inspector. Navigate to Over Clock panel on the right side. Select "Performance Level 1 (P5). 2) Unlock max. Adjust gpu clock and memory clock for your own, I prefer 700-750 Mhz for GPU and 2000Mhz for Mem. 3) Create a shortcut for this settings, it is saved at Desktop by default so you just run this file next time and no need to launch Nvidia Inpector 4) Create a Bat file (e.g: Gaming.bat) and place it in Nvidia Inspector folder where nvidiaInspector.exe locate in. Paste the command below into the Bat file nvidiaInspector.exe -forcepstate:0,5 Run: Each time you want to play game, just run the Clock shortcut first then run the Bat file. It will force the GT650m always performs at your configured clock Result: I tested my own and it works perfectly although the temp increased quite high (70-80). 81 is max of my laptop (I am from Vietnam, a hot country ) but I think this temp is acceptable. The test is performed with default Bios A09 TRY IT and let me know your result.I guarantee it works. // Sorry for my English
  2. @svl7 Base on the 3rd screenshot at page 1, the "Throttle on Temperature" option is used for CPU only right?
  3. I have disabled Turbo Boost and the CPU temp never reach 95*c like before
  4. Cool! We appreciate it! Hope you can do something for the throttling issue. Btw, Fifa 12 is the only game I can play with stable FPS right now because the gpu temp never reach 67*c with Vsync ON:(
  5. Woa! Is it available to change the limit temp from 67-68 to higher to avoid the throttling problem ?
  6. I think the big problem of the m14xR2 is about the throttling issue on GT650M although it's not actually overheat ~68*c.
  7. Hey guys, My m14xR2 is currently running w/ Bios A04. Can I try the modded A03 Bios then revert to original A04? Thanks
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