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  1. did you just attach heatsinks to the fan? any particular order, or....? how did you get them to stay? what were temps before you modded with the copper heatsinks? and does it push against anything once you reassemble? thanks in advance!
  2. hey blowntaha, i saw your post on notebook review regarding overclocking an i7-3920XM cpu in a y580; is it safe to say that you were able to swap out the cpus safely? I have a 3920xm chip and have been trying to figure out if it's safe to swap. Was it difficult? Not in terms of the physical process of disassembling, etc., but was it pretty easy? I would love to find out more about the swap, +unlocking my BIOS and such.
  3. Sleepy Hollow OITNB Most HGTV and DIY Shows Brooklyn 99 Gold Rush Yukon Men Wicked Tuna Once Upon a Time White Collar etc etc lol
  4. just listened to Drake's mix tape....not sure how i feel about it....haha
  5. finally saw big hero 6; it was interesting. Fury was a surprisingly good movie
  6. i can't say i've experienced the same issue, sorry.
  7. hey guys, new memeber here! lurked a few times, but am actually interested in trying the stuff posted for my laptop on here. cheers!
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