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  1. I just bought two of these machines , one for my wife and myself. When running ARK, the CPU ramps up to about 91c so says the the HP monitoring software. Tried using Speedfan to adjust the fan speed to ramp up before the cpu gets to that level. It seems the software cannot interact with the motherboard. Any advice?
  2. Anyone been able to boot past post on a 880m, 980m, or 1070 on an R3? I do not care if you got Winblows to boot. I will be using Arch and will hack the daming buck out of this damn driver into booting just like my 780m GTX has. I just need to know if this old classic can at least post on any of these cards.
  3. There are a lot of under the table dealing between laptop manufactures, Nvidia, and Microsoft. I have run into these same issues and have found the best solution is to run Linux. There is literally no way they can enforce those mafia error codes in Arch or Manjaro Linux. I am running a 780m GTX 4 GB card with literally nothing but the modded 12b bios. I bucked Windows back to Billy Boy's little tight anus, I suggest trying the same. If you want to game try running Stream's Proton plus Lutris. It should work will and work well with that card. It a Microsoft, Dell, Nvidia closed source nightmare you are facing. It better to go AMD on Linux but you can get it working with Nvidia on Linux. Not a hardware crisis. I had to install straight Arch on my 17 R3 so it might turn out you have to as well. May need to look up some Linux Arch install tutorals i.e https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8nxP_wREuc . This kid is good at it! I run Overwatch via Lutris with the Proton layer just fine. So... Hope this helps.
  4. Is there a way of getting all cores unlocked to a fury x?
  5. Anyone got any ideas of who OEM the board for HP's Z420? I want to overclock the ram and CPU I have. I tried looking for the OEM via these numbers 619557-001 618263-001 If someone wants to Mod the bios I am willing work out a deal for the work.
  6. I have to agree that Lee is the goto guy for MXM cards. As for a card I am paying 580 US dollars for a "new" 780m GTX for my R3....Hoping it has Samsung memory but even with Hy-nix it not bad. I seriously don't like Hy-nix memory, too many cards to die from it. Also I really vote against buying used MXM cards, refub and used are normally a nightmare save you have real trust for the seller.
  7. Thanks to you I just got my refund! My 6970m AMD works great in my box and that 780m GTX with heat sink grease on the ram chips and competitors sealed the deal. I would seriously like this to be sticky so that if anyone else gets in a jam like I did they can have the proof of the abuse on a third party document. As for RAM issues, it is not an issue since with the 6970m it works fine. Not an issue at all.
  8. Lost my 780m GTX over last weekend. Bought one that was pulled from a Clevo. When it got here I put in it and no POST with either a 5 or 6 beep code. I need some questions answered. I know for fact this is the site to go to for this information. First question, would a 780m GTX pulled from a Clevo not post at all on a Alienware x17m R3? Is there any reason why a Clevo 780m GTX be any different then a Alienware 780m GTX except for the bios? Would CPU heatsink grease cuase any issues on the memory chips instead of using heat pads? (yes this card had white CPU paste on it. Just need the professionals here to respond to this) When five and six beep codes happen from a freshly installed MXM card is that a sign that the card is bad? (remember this post is getting evidence of a damaged card). If a mxm card is working, no matter what bios is on it will it still POST? Is there any reason why a pulled 780m GTX from a Clevo would not work in an Alienware x17m R3?
  9. On the R2 it can simi-work (not with stock power supply). We saw throttling on Skyrim and you will need a 230watt power supply. This no 75 watt card, though the lowest might be 75 it a multi-stage voltage card. Not sure if the capasitors are weak on the R2 mobo and overheating the card or if the R2 can give this card the juice it needs on Skyrim. Was able to post, run, install drivers, and play all games with an R3 power supply. Played Stranded Deep like a champ, that an insane indy game. Suggest IC Diamond, Cool Lab Ultra and a 100 watt rated heat sink for this card. Other than that on an R3 it can be a plug and go card. Correction, you will have to replace the star backet, the one it comes with sucks.
  10. Downside to that stuff is having to wait for shipping and suppliers are far and few between.
  11. I prefer IC Diamond 7, easy brick and mortar access in Atlanta (Micro Center in Duluth). Works better then anything I have seen in a long time. Heard iguana threal pads are better but you have to have them custom cut. This information came from Blairsville Tech Support....Not Mike so I am not exactly a source of direct knowledge of it. I will say that IC Diamond is by far the best stuff in Atlanta metro. I prefer brick and mortar then having my laptop wait for paste. So if Micro Center or Tiger don't have it I don't use it. Call me old fashion.
  12. Alienware x17m R3 with a 2960xm, over 16 gigs, all SSDs, and a 780m GTX stock got nearly 11000 on the Heavensward Benchmark. A k4000m can whip Skyrim if it overclocked. Suggest you don't go over 950 on that clock and clock the ram to 2500. The PCI-E 2.0 is a "bottle neck" on that card. So if you are looking for a tuner on Ebay, R3 or R4 are sweet. R4s can even go for a 880 (K5000m) to a 980 or the AMD equate so that about where I stop on Alienwares. If you want something new, Eurocom, have about 5000US$ and get the workstation SLI they released (Dual Xeno processors), you won't be replacing it for some 15 years plus. You can litterally run "any game on the planet max" on a setup like that.
  13. Got it working after figuring out it was a conflict with my Naga 2014 gaming mouse, Win 7 in general, IDT, and the 780m GTX. Microsoft has a solution so it all good.
  14. Ok, found out my own issue last night with the 780m GTX. Believe it or not my Razr Naga 2014 was the cuase of this issue. There is an update from Microsoft specifically for this issue so it is very software related. Between a k4000m OC'ed and a 780m GTX stock the 780 win. The reason isn't clock of memory or core, even though you can get some insane numbers on the k4000m it the fact that it using a PCIe 2.0 standard instead of 3.0 is the bottle neck. I believe this is controlled either in the driver or bios since the hardware is an identical match on the 780m GTX so I challedge the better part of Tech Inferno to figure out the setting difference between these bios and drivers. This is a call out to those who were being little pricks. No thanks to the trolls on this site for actually explainning this who were saying "There no way you can get those speeds" on a Quodro. This was found out and seeking this information out just makes it a better site, no thanks to you.
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