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  1. Well I guess that settles it. I'll get a Panther, then.
  2. So I have the specs of both the Eurocom Panther 5 and the Origin E17 that I wanted and I'm not a computer specialist. Compared together, what do you all think? I had to use copy-paste, MS Word, and paint to really get it all lined up. Edit: Also, I wanted all this for gaming. The Panther isn't under Eurocoms gaming laptops. Is it really good for gaming compared to a gaming PC producer like Origin?
  3. Origin does have matte screen with LCD calibration (whatever that is), and the raving reviews I've heard from friends are very good. I think the screen will be fine if I choose Origin. But when it comes down to it, can't I just replace the screen myself if it's bad by purchasing a separate one and installing it into the laptop for cheap?
  4. What features would I really be missing out on? Nothing really important? The screen isn't really important, since I won't be taking it outside, so matte is of no issue. I also don't need it to look pretty on the screen (Although I also would like to be able to see what I'm doing instead of a blurry mess), but what I really don't want is to be teleporting around and not being able to hit things.
  5. It is beyond expensive, however. The one universal thing I guess I should've included is a good price. I can get max specs on an Origin 17" laptop with a bag, shipped in a box, custom case design, and a bunch of other neat features for about $6,200. I went through about five options on the Panther and chose the max stuff like I did with Origin, and it was already over $6,500. I still had about 20 settings to go through.
  6. Well now I'm hearing the best bang for my buck would just be to just build a custom laptop, but I know nothing about building computers and don't want to mess anything up. I looked at the Panther, and tried customizing it with the best specs on the site, and without even going halfway through it's already more expensive than an Origin that has better specs.
  7. I've heard a lot of bad things about Alienware and keep hearing Origin is the best. I don't care about the design. Even if it looks like an 80s computer, as long as I can run my Skyrim, BF4, and GTA V on the max settings even after dropping it on concrete or leaving it on and charged for days at a time. I want power and quality. What do you think?
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