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  1. Has anyone figured a way to reset BIOS yet? I am going to take my Y510p apart soon to repaste and I could look for the spot if I know where to look. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, I am going to re-paste with arctic mx-4, but has anyone tried the CM Storm SF-15? I have the GT750M i7-4700MQ and I can get good FPS on most games I play but some start to make this get HOT. I also use throttlestop and un-park the cores. GRID 2 plays great on high settings but I need a good cooling pad, that blows hard and cools, for some games like Titanfall and Ghost Recon Phantom that works the cpu and gpu. Is the NotePal X3 better than the SF-15?
  3. I never run low settings, always high or medium but I customize the settings and always have Vsync on. Usually I just optimize with geforce experience. I have played a lot of newer games and am very impressed with this and how the GT750M performs, but on games that need to run on medium I wish I had the SLI setup. I always use a cooler pad and have unparked the cores, none are parked because I usually have it plugged in, and also use ThrottleStop. I run GRID 2 on 1920X1080 with 4X MSAA and VSYNC on. Titanfall runs at 1366X768 but still looks great and have it set on "optimal" on GFE. I sometimes customize Geforce Experience towards performance and that helps. Here are a couple pics with MSI Afterburner FPS capture. I had to resize to be allowed to upload but all was taken fullscreen and default resolution.
  4. I heard it's the hard disk which is responsible for faster loading of textures and its the video card responsible for rendering them. RAM just stores and recycles the already loaded textures so they don't need to be reloaded from hard disk. I noticed a BIG improvement when I went to a SSD hard drive.
  5. I have the Intel Core i7-4700MQ with the GT 750m and it plays GRID 2, Titanfall and a lot of others VERY well. I did get a cooler master pad that helps. I was going to get the "sli" card but the performance and battery life are nice with this combo. I didn't want to buy the bigger power supply just to add an sli setup. Would it be that much of a noticeable increase to add the second card?
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