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  1. NeoZeruel, I think you misunderstood me. I would like to downgrade my BIOS not VBIOS. Between BIOS and VBIOS is a difference. BIOS handles IO during the boot process, while VBIOS handles video related IO. Currently I am stuck on 3.05 but need 2.07 as described in step (3). The downgrade tool does not support dos mode. I've tried with win installation command prompt but this one didn't work as well. Update: I managed to downgrade my BIOS. (My win installation is a 64 bit version. This might be the reason I couldn't use the program from step 3.) What I did: (Notice: I do not recommend this to do on your own, unless some expert here confirm that this method is not dangerous!) * I've extracted 74cn44ww.exe (Original BIOS Upgrade to 3.05) * Removed Win305.bin and platform.ini * Extracted Y510p-Y410p_v207_[stock].exe (BIOS downgrade tool to 2.07) * Copied Y510p-Y410p_v207_[stock]/platform.ini and Y510p-Y410p_v207_[stock]/207stock.ti to 74cn44ww * Called 74cn44ww/InsydeFlashx64.exe * From here the downgrade mechanics started to rotate. Update: Finally upgraded to moded bios And NeoZeruel, thank you for the link, I used that for vbios flash.
  2. Used my old notebook to fix the bios. Done. But for step 3 I need to downgrade the bios. and this one is not working. Some one any idea? By the way the address is broken:
  3. How can I make sure that WiFi connection drops came from WiFi card and are not depending of my environment with many other wireless connections like WiFi and Bluetooth? Even humidity will have an impact on WiFi connection.
  4. I do not think this petition will change Lenovo's marketing strategy. Maybe they change their thoughts when someone presents real statistics over customers satisfaction. IMHO they think with this restriction they will sell more products. In this case they should create laptops in one solid cast, everything glued.
  5. Can I also use a bootable usb with windows for installation, instead of usb dos? My problem is that I have only a Ubuntu installation. Installing Win would be not an option. Please tell me how I can execute BiosFixer with win installation (Shift+F10 for console). Or is there a dos version available? The first step is done and i got bios.bin. Now I have to fix the bios.
  6. You should switch to legacy support in bios, not uefi. Your USB drive may be visible after reboot. This mod will help you to use another hardware which is not on the lenovo whitelist.
  7. cyn

    y510p Linux

    Hi, I am using Linux as my main operating system. Because of some problems with x-server I switched to nvidia driver. Now everything is ok. If you tell me how to test sli, I will report my expirience. Regards Cyn
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