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  1. Did you by any chance install EVGA Precision X? If so, it may have overwritten your EDID in your LCD. For more information (and a way to fix it if you have the expertise and a little luck) see: @Mr. Fox may be able to do it for you for a small fee as well.
  2. CEG Hardcore Custom has them as well. They are in Germany, and shipping is free.
  3. That's for the Alienware 17 r2; I have the Alienware 17r1 (Ranger). I have a 240W PSU. So that's probably not it (but have a 330W PSU on the way anyways).
  4. I believe the bios needs to detect the discrete graphics card before you can continue and disable the integrated graphics card. You should be able to replace the GTX 580M, re-enable the integrated graphics card and re-seat the 780M. Once you've done that, don't disable the integrated graphics card until the bios detects it (this may need a bios update; not familiar with it). As you may have noticed, your machine doesn't post without a working (and detected) graphics card.
  5. Hey all, I have an old P180HM I bought in 2011 that I can play with. What's the fastest graphics card(s) I can drop in there? It currently has 2 x GTX 560M in SLI, a i7-26?? CPU (2.2 GHz max I believe) and 24 GB of RAM in it. I'm fine with the CPU, but wouldn't mind looking at different GPU's if I can get them somewhat cheap. What's the newest/fastest cards I can drop in without major changes to the cooling system? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Not sure if you found this already, but I am using 3 x TS1GSK64V3H 8gb modules on mine.
  7. My bios (system bios anyways) doesn't have anything that I recognize as power saving for PCI. I always have my laptop set for high performance, mostly because it's always on power. In the games I play (mostly Dungeons & Dragons Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic) my frame rate is fine, although there is an occasional drop in fps. When using 3D it sometimes drops below 30, but that's about it.
  8. I did a Heaven run with core clock (no changes with Afterburner or NVidia Inspector. I'm using MSI Afterburner to show/measure the stats during the run. My CPU is currently running at 3.9/3.8/3.7/3.7 with a core voltage of 1.2 V. I believe I'm running into some power throttling during parts of the benchmark: I don't think it's a lot, but wondering if there's anything I can do about it.
  9. Optimus is disabled (120 Hz screen with 3D). It's about 2 weeks old, and I haven't installed too many things on it yet. Machine is plugged in when I do any tests. What can best be used as actual fps benchmarks? I'm kinda new to this stuff.
  10. Hi, I have a (new) Alienware 17 (Ranger). It has an i7-4910MQ, 32 GB RAM and a GTX 880M with the 120 Hz screen. When running 3DMark, I get a rather low Graphics score (5986). According to the 3DMark site the graphics score should be around 8000. I am using the Geforce Experience latest driver (347.25), the card has vBios 80.04.F5.00.07. Any idea what may be causing this, and how to fix it? Thanks, Bas
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