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  1. after doing the mod if I change my hard drive will I have to do it again?
  2. Fixed the problem I was having. successfully installed the intel 7260 card, thanks for guide
  3. What about powerline adapters? This is what I use for my pc since my room is far from the router. You need two adapters one goes into wall socket and is connected to router via ethernet cable and then the second adapter would be in the room you want to use it in and run a cable from that to your pc or purchase one of the wifi extender powerline adapters which gives you the option to run ethernet or use the boosted wifi
  4. I think this is what your looking for? stick into your favourite search engine "9.5mm ultrabay dvd " but don't look on lenovo site since its way overpriced
  5. My fav is Suits, looking forward for the new release.
  6. I5-3570k 8gb corsair vengeance MSI twin frozr 2gb 7850 120gb ssd evo 840 Win7
  7. Got this sticker for the cover of my y500 to replace the plain look.
  8. You just get it off the Lenovo website where you find the available software for your model.
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