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  1. So I have a 344.60 force-ware driver installed for my K5000m, do you think I could try this "game ready version" ?? Thanks
  2. Was wondering what the newest unlocked vbios is for the k5000m I currently have version ?? Thanks in advance....... p570wm owner
  3. XTU is hit and miss......I had one version that seemed very stable....a year ago or so....the last three updates I have to reinstall them once a month or so because they stop working and reading info correctly. I consistently monitor with a second and some times a third application in order to verify that the info is correct on XTU etc. Reinstall XTU older addition is good advise IMHO.
  4. Are there Modified Bios's out there that unlock the LGA2011 Xeon's?
  5. I am surprised that the pricing point is so close together as compared to the 880m's Especially since they have came to market so close together....would think there would be a 150-200 $ difference.
  6. As a P570wm owner, I to am very interested in these modules as well as the necessary Bios upgrade/s.....even more so since cancer research is involved. (showing how pushing the limits of our tech can benefit human kind)
  7. 10DE-11B8, Are the vBios's for the K5100m's the same as those for the K5000m.....was looking for an unlocked slightly updated K5000m to tryout. I have one that I am using now but has only Two timings available to adjust via the Nvidia control panel. Just want to try another OC. Thanks in advance
  8. @Prema, do both models have 3 or 4 memory slots?
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