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  1. I am working for a distributor and we get tons of requests from users who want to upgrade P570WM compatible systems. The P570WM uses the same X79 chipset and CPUs as the ASUS X79 Deluxe motherboard, for which ASUS has successfully done the modifications in the MRC (memory reference code) of the BIOS to support the IM 16GB modules. We then got in touch with Prema. He is trying to make the required adaptions to the BIOS of the P570WM systems. As I understand his main difficulty is the difference in the number of sockets. The ASUS machines have 8 sockets while the Clevo has only 4. And this is a complex difference between the systems. I suggested to Prema that I can send him some modules at any time to try his modifications step by step with 1, 2 and finally 4 modules until it works. Regards, Thorsten
  2. 16GB SO-DIMMs are available from Intelligent Memory since quite a while, but the memory-initialization-routine in the BIOS of Intel-CPU based systems is not prepared to handle this memory-size. Intel is reluctant to change the code. The Clevo P570WM uses an Intel X79 chipset. ASUS was the first company to modify the memory-reference code (MRC) in the BIOS of their X79 platforms (ASUS X79 Deluxe, X79 Sabertooth, Rampage IV Black Edition, etc) to support 16GB modules. If ASUS was able to do it, then a similar BIOS-modification can also be done for the Clevo P570WM. The machines could then be upgraded to 64GB by using 4 SO-DIMMs. The upgrade will not be cheap (more than $300 per 16GB module). I am working for a distributor of Intelligent Memory and am in contact with Prema on this issue. I heard that he is trying to make it happen. If anybody would like to hear more technical details of the issue with the MRC, I am happy to explain. Regards, Thorsten
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