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  1. levinz

    My Y500 didn't come with a SSD cache

    Hi, I'm from Malaysia too. For my Y500 unit, it did not come with the 16GB msata too. Even then, my unit is only 500gb HDD instead of the 1TB. @Krysiun : I believe you will need to mod your BIOS to unlock first in order to use other Wireless card. There's a guide in the forum on how to mod it also. Check it out
  2. levinz

    Lenovo Y500 enable VTX modifying Bios backup

    I believe you can do that by removing the CMOS battery. You'll need to disassemble your unit tho.
  3. levinz

    What movies have you seen lately?

    I've just watched Dracula Untold recently. Not too bad
  4. levinz

    Need game recommendations!

    Yes totally agreed with AC's games. Am definitely getting the new released AC : Unity !
  5. Hi, I'm Levin. I was trying to solve my lousy atheros wifi card on my y500 and it leads me here! Glad to be here with useful info

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