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  1. is there any version of prr.exe 64bit compatible I can't boot in dos mod anymore and i have managed to enable vitualization via modifying my bios content now i need to flash it again but in windows using insydeflash but it say "compare error" any help ?
  2. Hi all any solution to reset my Y500 bios password or to enable VTX without need to access bios I managed to upgrade it from 1.5 to 2.4 as explained and no way I managed to enable VTX or resetting password can you help me whether for free or paid cause i don't want to send it to Lenovo folks they will take long time may be 2 months to replace mother board and if I buy the bios chips and replacing them i can't guarantee the electronic engineer to replace it perfectly and pricking my laptop mother board ...I paid a high price for this laptop and don't wanna lose money again buying new one thanks in advance
  3. @svl7 i forgot my bios password and i managed to upgrade my bios to successfully based on your topic and files but I still can't enable virtualization and still ask me for system password when i try to access bios my laptop is Y500 any help to enable virtualization or change nvars I tried to learn but it will take me more time and i will not manage to get trained to linux preparing for new job and course
  4. no i couldn't ..my main target not password anyway it is to enable Virtualization through bios settings ...I really fed up and frustrated ... any Solution to access EEpRom
  5. Error 28: Protected Range Registers are currently set by BIOS, preventing flash access. please contact the target system BIOS vendor for an option to disable Protected Range Re1gisters. when i try to use fpwt64.exe i get the message above any help Lenovo Y500 bios v 1.3
  6. Nice Post man , it enabled me to fix many problems i face when i tried to disassemble my Y500 but i still not able to retrieve my keyboard light any help ?
  7. I managed to start and have already learned many new things this week about bios and its structure but need more resources if any body can help . I actually learnt it all cause i needed to rset my forgotten bios password ... I bought Y500 a year ago and changed Bios Password and then never get it bios and forgot it forever now as it true . learning is awesome and really I'm a programmer o I enjoy knowing new things .I currently manged to decode and uncompress my bios structure but never managed to know if there is any resources where I can managed stored settings and how to get to it and repack bios to restore it back after modifications and if anybody like to share me this research and learn more together .. ?
  8. @SVL Plz I wanna your help , I wanna crack my bios just to enable virtualization as i told in previous reply , I forgot it cause i never need it 5 months since it was changed ... now i wanna setup virtual Server System to finish share point training .... actually I learned some bios disassembling tools and techniques but I need some help so if you can I will be happy and I already managed to decompress my bios Y500 ...is it possible for me to unlock my bios passowrd through decrypting it and restoring it back I don't wanna change bios chip cause here I don't guarantee any electronics maintenance man @ Egypt
  9. Plz help , If i have Lenovo y500 and have a backup of bios from y510 p , can I use this backup to upgrade my y500 bios
  10. when i backed up my bios and tried to flash it back using fptw64.exe -f output.bin -bios not even modified bios yet i use my backed up bios it gives me error 28 same issue here Y 500 and I have no access to bios cause i changed password and forgot it any way i feel disappointed caue i won't be able to make any progress in my courses with enable virtualization . any solution here
  11. Any body Can Help me , I changed my bios password long time ago and now I wanna enable virtualization but i can't access to the bios, My Laptop is Y500 bios version 1.5
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