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    Witcher 3

    I sure hope so too. My 4.9ghz i7-3770k with raid 0 SSDs and 2x Sli 780 was sold to finance a year of studies abroad. While my trip in europe is well worth it, I am spending it on a 14'' laptop with a gtx 755m and I really am looking forward to Witcher 3.... *crossing fingers here* I run bf4 on normal settings with little lag, it's just not fun to play FPS games on a 14'' screen. 3rd person RPGs are a different story
  2. We need more information on the use of this build to help you out also, same for budget how much will this thing cost you in Brazil versus when you want to do. 32gb ram seems overkill to me, especially considering 8gb 1866 sticks are not cheap. For gaming i'd get 16gb and faster ram. If ram is a big concern, DDR4 is around the corner. I edit videos on a 8gb machine and it works well enough. 32gb I used only when I had virtual machines, and again, it was quite a bit. I have a tendency to prefer much faster ram over a larger quantity that most software does not use. But then again, it was proven that faster ram has but little impact on overall system performance unless you start adding up those small 1% here and 1% there. So André, what is it you plan on doing with that monster ?
  3. love the machine, super neat cable management. Love the case too, the only thing that kept me away from it was the 2 3.5inch drive bays. I really always need at least 4. But that's just me hogging music and photos
  4. seems like a pretty fine build to me, only thing i would do differently is grab two 120gb SSDs in raid 0. The evo supports garbage collecting, which is good as raid usually does not play well with trim. It might run you a few extra bucks but a SSD raid is the difference between night and day.
  5. For gaming, id get a locked i5 of the latest gen. Usually a little shy of 250 usd and put more on the gpu. But that is only my two cents. A gtx 770 is a great card, for dirt cheap at the moment.
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