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  1. Hey- I've got massive fps drops in games on my Y510p- from 80 fps to 30 every 5-10 seconds.... When I run Nvidia Inspector it says that my GPU I clock drops down suddenly- and the temps are quite ok- 70-75 degrees Will the bios unlock and fan mod fix it somehow? Oh- WILL I LOOSE WARRANTY with installing this bios? Thanks!
  2. I personally think that it sucks they didnt tell people and are just using these tricks (such as sending press different models of this gpu) and I wanted to buy it and now I'm thorn aparat... I'll probably stick to my laptop for now and buy GTX970 when GTA V will arrive- maybe itll be cheaper...
  3. How many watts should have a proper AC adapter for Y510p ?
  4. Can anyone update with a link for ThrottleStop 7.00?
  5. It was really great but unfortunately now in Battlefield 4 no idea why I constantly get DirectX Device HUNG error...Also Watch Dogs crashes for me...Besides that it's a awesome laptop, but I'm thinking about switching to Y50
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