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  1. With temps of 86c-87c its already too hot, don't overclock it, its not the bottleneck of your gaming..
  2. LOL!, I think you bought/about to buy my i7 920xm, and I think I'm pretty sure here hehe. But aint 2900mem too much and woudnt that kill your gpu after a year? My 6970m died of just a 100mhz mem overclock that I only did occasionally and temps were around 80c.
  3. Can someone tell me what the difference is between Clevo 680m - 'OCedition' revised_01.zip (122.3 KB, 225 views) and Clevo 680m - 'OCedition' revised_01.zip? Im currently at the stock .29 version, does the .33 run better? And does optimus still work with these modded versions? Im now running at 849mhz by using nvidia inspector and its kinda breaking optimus, it goes to 0mhz core and then to 719mhz and keeps going on and off.
  4. Damn, didnt knew doing a cmos reset was so dangerous.
  5. Well i can now say that it doesnt resets on its own.. had to do a cmos reset, but damn that tiny connector was pretty stuck in there.. was afraid of damaging the motherboard.
  6. Good news, the issues i had with blck not even showing up in intel xtu are resolved by reinstalling to a newer version and that also enabled the memory XMP and custom settings. Although im not sure if i should mess with my ram settings. I got kingston KHX1866C11S3/4g and 4 dimms of them, they can do 1106mhz according to cpu-z but im missing most latencys and dont want to brick it.. Is there a save way to test what settings work best?
  7. This mod works really nice, but in assassin creed 4 the keyboard turns off instead of just showing color like normal without this driver. Is it possible to implement a feature that if the game doesn't use the driver it goes the last colors?
  8. My p150em pch also gets very hot (95c while gaming). I guess ill do the pad cooling too. Still have to figure out how to get the keyboard out without making scratches.. (any tips?) Done a couple of times on older notebooks with a screwdriver but I don't want any ugly scratches.. Edit: Damn, just read about the plastic on the p150em and also saw it on my laptop.. perhaps I should cut it away but I don't want to damage the motherboard And aren't the intel pch's rated for 100 / 110c? Ive never heard of a dead pch..
  9. I have sometimes that I cant change the BLCK in XTU, just like now, when it does work I can set it to 104 etc. But when it doesn't the option is completely missing. I don't use sleep or use battery power so im really confused as why I cant see the option...
  10. I read that you have "fixed" the hdmi audio issue but its still there..(or this might be something else) I was gaming and hearing sound, but then I opened a flash video stream and that wanted to play audio on a different output which I don't even use.. And that also broke my normal aux audio so I didn't hear any thing at all anymore, a reboot fixed the issue but it was really odd. (p150em)
  11. Hi, im using your prema bios on my p150em. However I use a i7 3640QM and I don't see any extra options in the bios. I know it says i7 3720QM+ in the OP, but why do I get extra options in XTU then? What does work is overclocking with the BLCK in intel XTU.
  12. Hi, okay so I did the mod on my clevo 6970m card. (I'm working on a 3 year old clevo w860cu ) I didnt reinstall the drivers, amd catalyst does still work. But it doesnt say catalyst pro on the top, but it has the 10bit firepro options . I dont really notice any difference in 3ds max probably because, with the 2012/13/14 versions they switched from open gl special drivers to nitrous which is directx 9 or 11 based. (and the amd card always had great performance any way) Heh whoops, I just saw my post from a year ago Nvm this post Still, thanks for the work you did!
  13. Hi, I just read the starting post about the 250/900mhz clock issue on external monitor, I had been flashing and changing my vBios lots of times and coudnt find out why it woudnt go to 100/150mhz... And now I know.. thanks! Oh and I am using only a 120W psu combined with an overclocked i7 920xm and 6970 and it works fine, it never shut off while gaming for hours.. It only shut down once at benching 3dmark11 when I had it overclocked my cpu to 3.466ghz on all cores and gpu at 830/1150mhz The machine woudnt turn on for a few minutes lol. (I am using a clevo w860cu, its almost the same as the alienware spec wise)
  14. Ok, so I flashed to m8900 bios to my clevo card, but it still says amd radeon hd 6900m series. It does have firepro catalyst control center. And modifieing the driver posted on the 3rd page here, doesnt work for me because I cant find the line in notepad.. (as if it isnt there..) And manually installing the firepro drivers results in a "this driver is not for for your windows vista" Kinda strange since I'm on windows 7x64 and that driver should work on vista/7.
  15. Ok thanks for the fast post, I know the dell card wil work. Ill be searching for a good deal to get my hands on a 6970m then hehe
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