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  1. hey guys. was wondering if you could help me unlock my bios? i have an asus gl 552jx with a nvidia gtx 950m ddr3 in it. i cant make a copy of my bios though, gpu z doesnt allow it. :/
  2. hey guys! i hope im not too late for this thread.i have an asus gl-552jx with a gtx 950m ddr3 gpu. i was wondering if theres anyone who would be able able to help me to unlock my bios? or is there any available bios that i could download to use it on my laptop? im really weak when it comes to stuff like this also. i realized my gpu has been having this weird problem. it's somehow stuck at 405 mhz clock speed no matter what i do. for example when im playing shadow of mordor at high settings or medium it runs at only 405 mhz but if i were to play farcry 4 i would go up to 550 mhz im kinda confused. my charger is plugged in power setting is on high performance. i even tried over clocking my gpu to the max available at the moment. its still the same. hope you guys can help me out with this thanks in advanced
  3. i was wondering since there are 2 mini pcie slots available in the y400/500 or y510p why not just connect the egpu to the mini pcie? that way the wifi card still stays and the additional mini pcie slot can be used for the gpu. no? please correct me if im wrong. im using a lenovo y400 with a modded bios by svl7.
  4. does egpu work for the lenovo y400/y500 series? do i still need to use Setup 1.30 this ifmy y400 has a modded bios by svl7?
  5. do i still need to use this ifmy y400 has a modded bios by svl7?
  6. can i add an external gpu using the bios mod. by using the EXP GDC Laptop External PCI-E Graphics Card v7 ? it would really help to future proof the y400/y500 series since there are 2 mini pcie slots available.
  7. hey! does changing the thermal paste to a better one on the y400 help in cooling at all?
  8. hey there! is your gpu overclocked? if it is try lowering the clock speed or memory speed abit. that usually happens to me when my memory speed is above +500 not sure why tough :/
  9. hey guys whats the best clock speed you guys got?
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