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  1. thank you very much! I try to buy today , and repaste this week. i take some photos of temps , from before and after repaste.if it drops 20c , i install the modded BIOS
  2. I do some test changuing energy setting (lenovo performance), and now i obtein 93ºc while i play at BT4 betwen 35 and 45 FPS, with medium setting at 1920x1080. Turbo is always working ( 935Mhz ) and processor at 100% in energy setting. If i changue the energy settings to Balanced, the temperature decrease to 83-84ºc ... I have a question, If i changue to unlocked bios , with 1Ghz fix in core of graphics car ,could i have overheating? (more than 93ºc when i play) Thanks everybody.
  3. Hello LilaQ, I have a lenovo y580 , remember that we have a white list in our bios , and you cant use whaerever wifi adapter. If you can do that , you need flash your bios to an unlocker version . http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/2260-lenovo-y580-y480-unlocked-bios-versions.html regards
  4. I buy by second hand 3 huawei 556 from vodafone (in spain) for 5 E each , and use openwrt. I had use these for 1 year , and i dont have any problem. I use minidlna , transmision , and like repeater.
  5. I bought 8350 , because is faster and you can overclock easy , but i use a big copper sink, and a big fan with low rpm. I´m very happy with this .i think that the extra cost is deserved. you can overclock more than 4,4 Ghz regards
  6. Hi everybody , i just bought a lenovo y580 , with fresh install w8 and the las graphics drivers , i obtein in 3dmark06 only 13548 . If i repeat the benchmark ,this decrease to 12800... the temp in graphics is always less than 71ºc . Is it OK? i monitored it with msi afterburner. I´m thinking upgrade to an unlocked bios because i dont have thermal issues. Anyone have the issue of decreasing performance?
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