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  1. i did it last week to my Corsair M200 Extended, I used it a sharp exacto blade and ran it down a straight edge. Afterwards i ran a lighter over the strayed edges of the fabric to tidy them up. it turned out 8/10 for professionalism but 10/10 for functionality as it now fits my space perfect
  2. hybridfive


    I just recently picked up a Qnix QX2710 Evolution II 27" LED Monitor off amazon. Was shipped to my house and received it next day all in $339. Unreal Deal and and unreal monitor. 2560x1440 looks beautiful!
  3. Hey guys looking to build up a gaming comp for my bro and am torn between the two. Planning on getting a corsair h100, is the $50 worth the extra 500mhz?
  4. i have 7 Noctua's in my Node 605. The case is a heatrap so i suggest not being shy in the fan department.
  5. Love my new K95, bought it because of the white lights, ill have to look into the silicon rings as i find it would like it to have a shallower throw. Where can i pick some of these up?
  6. Just picked up my new MSI GTX780 TF OC, and i thhink iam in love First highend gpu for me and iam excited to see how it handles titanfall.
  7. I cap mine with MSI Afterburner. At 60FPS as thats what my tv resolution is maxed at. My GTX780 Pumps out some massive frames sometimes and needs to be tamed
  8. hybridfive

    flash vbios?

    Nvidia Inspector or MSI Afterburner, would solve the underclocking question.
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