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    Crysis 3

    As they`ve kept the "old" cryengine, I think graphicswise there won`t be a big improvement over the 2nd Crysis. But that considered, I still think the original Crysis is gorgeous aswell. And I really won`t like the "mainstream" linear gameplay. I miss the open world in Warhead etc.
  2. inarux

    Gaming Mouse

    I use a Logitech G700, but it sure doesn`t "feel" like a Gaming Mouse. The looks are a bit conservative, too. I recommend the Razer Mamba or other Razer mouses, they just look more like "it"
  3. Those are called heatsinks and you can find them in any size at your local Computer Store or on the web :-)
  4. Hi chaps, For everyone wanting to play the game with a gamepad, but not having a xbox360 controller (why did they do this :( ), I found a solution a little while ago: Just follow the instructions on this site: Logitech Rumblepad 2, Dual Action Game Pad: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The tool emulates the xbos 360 controller and you can play it on any gamepad (in my case: a logitech rumblepad 2 wired)
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