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  1. True, the only workaround i found is: Purchasing a external battery, to charge the laptop. That way, it works. But that requires a external battery
  2. Yeah, even if i force IGFX, the dGPU doesn't work, but is still draining power. That's really lame .
  3. Hello, I searched the thread, but i found nothing on how to disable the dGPU(s, also the ultraBay one while its inserted), to save power on battery (sli still idles with ultrabay plugged in, reducing battery by a huuuuge amount). unlocked BIOS gave me the option to select IGFX, but after reenabling dgpu, screen remains black (fixed by F2, F9, F10). Does anyone have a viable strategy for switching between sli and iGPU only?
  4. This sounds truly great for nvidia, and another bad news for AMD sorta . They'll have nothing to put against that, but that company is just too big to go bankrupt anyway. Im very delighted to see though that there are more innovations coming our way.
  5. For most applications, there won't be any difference, but if you plan on using very storage heavy applications like Premiere, Vegas, etc, that sort of stuff, and if your project is big enough, it'll sure help. Not by a lot, but with a big enough project, there will be a notable difference
  6. Try installing in legacy mode, i couldn't get it to work in UEFI.
  7. tjunction for i5-4200m (in my y510p) as example is 100*C, so nothing to worry about at high temperatures, however higher temperatures over time tend to reduce the processors lifespan of course.
  8. Liability, and since you can increase the performance of your laptop, it might make it less likely that you buy another, stronger laptop of theirs?
  9. Try using ThrottleStop. It made Insertion in csgo playable on mine.
  10. As far as i know, it should be possible to utilize the GPU at full power while using the battery. Might cause more heat, and shorten its lifetime, but it should be possible. Im about to try it aswell.
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