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  1. Can I attach an Intel 7260 to my laptop, get it running, then update my bios to 3.0.5? Right now the version of the flashed BIOS is causing me some problems so I want the 3.0.5 version again. Will that reset my BIOS back to the default one with the list for permitted network cards?
  2. I don't understand the backup portion of the flash. How do I create a backup in detailed steps?
  3. At the moment, it is impossible to switch out the TERRIBLE Intel Centrino 2230. However you can switch it out for the 7260 by modding the BIOS, which has been done
  4. Hi! Is there any way to replace the graphics card with a better model after modding the whitelisted BIOS? I have heard it is impossible to switch out graphics cards on laptops... Also, is it possible to overclock a card or the processor on this laptop?
  5. I would like to see a network card mod that change's it's ID to match Lenovo verification, but for now, a BIOS mod seems like the only option.
  6. I currently have a Y410p. It is great for gaming and is quite portable, but the battery life is very low. I would agree with stark and get a desktop for gaming and a laptop for work.
  7. I think the R7 265 the best bang for your buck. If your budget is higher, I would recommend buying a good processor such as the AMD FX-6300 If you want to spend all your money on another video card, I would go with Conker and buy the R9 270X
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