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  1. Milan

    Diablo 3

    Yes thats true. But what to do when player have max stats during one month?? I cannot compare it with diablo 2, but.... in D2 gear hunting was for months (years), in d3 is it about hours....
  2. Milan

    Favorite MMO?

    Just try Marvel Heroes 2015. If you are fan on marvel comics, you will enjoy this game. Very much heroes, all for free (upon time...)... good game....
  3. Milan

    Witcher 3

    hmm, reading books?? Why?? We have witcher in TV, have games, then why wasting time with reading.....
  4. For me, my wife and childrens is best split screen game Sonic All stars racing transformed.
  5. Recommend OpenTTD, very good game in single or multi player. But cost lot of time....
  6. Milan

    Diablo 3

    Yes, game was changed... but too much, and with wrong direction. Legends drop is not rare, but very often and always crap. Crafting changed too, no need to farm specific items. And main problem, new player is able to get high end gear during one week and it is problem...
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