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  1. I really hope that this is not the case... And no I'm not going to try that. Can't understand why would it stop working after disabling sli and trying to turn it on. Everything works perfectly otherwise so far.
  2. I have the exact same problem, but i usually don't use the in game vsync at all. I would recommend you use either the adaptable v-sync from the nvidia controlpanel, and make sure you have your program settings low enough so you can use the program with 60fps. Otherwise i would adwise to use user.ini files and apply console commands for limiting fps to your monitor refresh rate. i have found out that most of the inprogram vsyncs sync your fps to the maximum you can handle constantly. hope this helps.
  3. Haven't really updated any drivers yet. Have the latest drivers as you can see. And i could not uncheck that either, although haven't been that close to 91c 87 during 30min benchmarking. During gaming like bf4 top 82c. i really hope that everything stays in its place when updating drivers. I'm really not the right person to help you here, i'm just an novice with these things, but i will do everything in my power to help you, which ain't much... :S Anyways, here is the order i did things. Win 8 SLI works fine. --> win 8.1 SLI stops working but the problem was fixed with second vga update. ---> decided to overclock with the bios mods, flashed to 2.04 found in the attachments of the OP, nothing changed in the nvidia inspector after this one. ---> flashed the index 1(ultrabay gpu) with the vbios mod provided in the ops attachments. Nvidia inspector was now unlocked, boost disabled and the OCing began. Hope this helps at all. I suggest you follow the instructions perfectly, dont miss anything like i almost forgot to disable write protect from vbios with nvflash -i1 -r command . I wish you the best of luck. I answer here as fast as possible if i can provide you any help, because i'm living proof that even a person who doesn't understand these things better than a pigeon understands quantum physics, can do this by following instructions. (not that pigeons could help us with quantum physics even with instructions but anyways). Sorry for the bad joke. I'm a bit tired right now so it was funny to me... sorry for the bad English also. You can pm me also if it does any help. Edit: corrected some words.
  4. I use win 8.1 and yes the sli works very well. At first when i upgraded, i had to update my ultrabay gpus vbios with upgrade by lenovo. But at the moment i use the 2.04 bios from the first pages attachments and the ultrabay modded bios from the attachments also. Works perfectly. It will allow you to increase voltage, clocks over the +135 limit but so far only with nvidia inspector.
  5. Gt650m sli 1190/2600 1.1125V Max temp 85C. During gaming max temp 77c. 3dmark firestrike score NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor,LENOVO INVALID. Going to push a bit more someday. Heaven benchmark 600. My target is 4000 in firestrike. Oh! and i beated the best gt750m sli firestrike score... Thank you svl7!
  6. Just wanted to share my results from today. NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor,LENOVO INVALID Clocks Core:1150 memory:2400 Voltage:1,087 I guess i could give it a little more push Temperatures for GPUs: 83c highest CPU:87c highest. What would you suggest?
  7. Hello again everyone. I succesfully flashed the bios plus ultrabay vbios and i'm now starting the crazy overclocking. Special thanks to you Svl7, but as everyone knows words aren't quite enough, so i decided to donate you money for getting your head straight. Probably not the first one to donate 7 dollars, but anyways thank you hugely. Got my self a bit of that famous confidence although it was way easier than i thought. Thank you again and keep up the good work. Probably gonna hang around on this forum now on.
  8. Ok, that helps quite a bit. This time i even think i know how to do that. Ok... Ok, i think i'm as ready as i get for this so i'm going to do this within the next few days. Going to keep reading this thread if someone happens to answers some of my dumb questions during that time. Otherwise i wish you wish me luck if needed.
  9. Few more questions. Does the Y500 -Y400 - SLI 650m - - OC.rom.zip Y500 - y400 - sli 650m - -oc.rom.zip work with v2.04 bios? After i flash my bios to v2.04, i only have to flash my second cards vbios as the internal cards vbios is attached in v2.04 bios mod? Thanks for helping a noob, as said i'm new to this stuff and a bit ashamed to ask all these questions as i don't have a very good grip on these things just yet. If i get this to work some days soon, i'm definitely going to donate some beers, or at least one huge one. Sorry for my incompetent language.
  10. Thats good to hear. I havent had any troubles either. When i upgraded to 8.1 the second card didn't work but the vbios upgrade was easy to find. Now i've been thinking about the modded bios but I'm having troubles to find confidence to do it. In any case, it seems the chances for doing mistakes is little but still. Programmargorp, would you like to shed some light on the second card bios upgrade. I was just wondering that if i needed 2 dos bootable usb drives, one for bios and other for vbios? And is the file for second card attached in the op?
  11. I would recommend to use ThrottleStop. you could have constant 3.1Ghz when under heavy load with that and could monitor your temperatures a bit before doing anything else.
  12. I recommend dusting your computer. My temperatures dropped 5-8C after i did that. My max temperatures during benchmarks are something around 80-85.
  13. Hello, i'm new user here. I'm sorry to ask stupid questions but just to make sure, does this work on windows 8.1 if i have bios version 2.02? if it does i have following questions: I assume that the moddified vbios for lenovo y500 gt 650m sli requires the v2.04 modded bios version? I have never done bios flashing or anything else like this before so i'm a complete novice on this. Thanks for your help.
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