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  1. I didn't know there is a different unlocked BIOS, can you send it to me to try? Maybe it will help with other cards, do you have it for for only for GT683 or for GT780 as well? Maybe changing Vendor ID to MSI ( 1462 ) in vBIOS would help? Do you know vBIOS editor that can change Vendor ID on GCN 2.0 (8000 series and up) AMD cards? As for these BIOSes - yeah I just got promoted, downloaded a couple of BIOSes and now forum do not allow download more for some reason lol, Funny enough I didn't got those that I was really after GT683 and GT780
  2. Have you tried switching to PCI Legacy on unlocked BIOS from this topic? Does it help getting image on internal screen? If you have these unlocked BIOSes - please send GT780 and GT683 my way
  3. Ok, I've downloaded a couple of BIOSes, but now it does not allow to download more, And I didn't get those that I was after MSI GT683 MSI GT783
  4. Finally got it, Great work, Thanks
  5. I've tried it in Gt780 - it does not boot, think the result will be the same for MSI GT683R
  6. Ok, just trying to get enough posts To download
  7. I would also suggest skipping the 880M (esp. for SLI - really hot = throttling) and wait a bit for 980M prices to settle
  8. Why would you want to flash it? Just use EVGA presicion or other overclocking tool to set the clocks you like - you might also want to use a modified driver - like the one from laptopvideo2go
  9. As far as I know DELL 680M GTX works fine in GT60 and GT70 laptops - you will just need modified drivers.
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