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  1. farkedup

    decent ssd?

    M.2 drive has it's own special slot. Before you try to be an internet smart guy you should actually READ what a person is telling you. I never said anything about using additional SATA. M.2
  2. somebody linked this earlier: 2nd HDD SSD Hard Drive Caddy FOR Lenovo Ideapad Y400N Y410N Y410P With Bezel | eBay with how easy it is to pull the drive out I was wondering if these were hot swappable or if I just need to turn it off and reboot between using the optical drive and a hard drive. I had considered just carrying a USB optical wiht me at times but this just seems better.
  3. I don't think SLI is worth it for this but popping the dvd drive out and putting the 1tb drive in there works fine
  4. do we have a list compiled of which cards will work without the BIOS mod?
  5. farkedup

    decent ssd?

    I have a samsung 840pro 256gb and an Intel 520 series 256gb currently but I'm considering ordering a nice big m.2 drive. I can't find ANY valid information comparing the speeds so I really don't know which drive I'd want to use as the boot/primary
  6. farkedup

    decent ssd?

    Get a 128 or 256Gb M.2 then just a 512Gb 2.5" and you're near the 1tb that came with it only it'll be actually FAST
  7. The Y410p has the SATA ports for the dvd drive right next to the ultrabay connection the video cards use. I am planning on leaving the DVD drive in. I'll upgrade the m.2 24gb SSD to 128Gb and I have a 256gb intel 520 series SSD. From there I'll store anything extra on either onedrive or my NAS. I'm considering upgrading the graphics to SLI but from the sounds of it the heat is just too bad.
  8. the 2230 has been solid in my P500 but the 7260 sucks for me. I'm going to put an Intel 5100 in that I have sitting here from a previous laptop
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