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  1. Is it possible to make a new fan profile for the GPU using MSI afterburner/HWiNFO?
  2. I got myself a cheap laptop backpack from Amazon that can fit a 17ich chassis. I didn't go with anything fancy as I don't move it far.
  3. I would have to say Alienware. I just like the build and support you can get and the fact you can really haggle them down price wise. I was able to get my Alienware 17 for about £500 under the RRP just by waiting for a sale, and then talking to a sales rep for around an hour it came in cheaper than the Clevo equivalent in the end.
  4. Someone I know has the G750JZ, I was really impressed with the cooling, it was so quite compared to my Aienware 17 but as others have said the non updatability of the GPU/CPU killed the whole laptop for me.
  5. Will a laptop made as of last week have the most update to date BIOS?
  6. Might work well, but then again trying to pack a rad and a pump into a laptop chassis might be a step to far but you never know.
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