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  1. I'll give this method a try. At this point its looking pretty hopeless at this point. I may have to get a used mobo to replace.
  2. So I de-soldered the battery from the motherboard. Left it over night from sat to sun. The laptop still doesn't boot, it does its 2 sec boot loop that I described earlier.
  3. I initially changed a setting which caused the screen to go blank. Then in my wisdom I attempted to undo the change blind. I used the video walk through to count the key strokes but my count was off by 1 on one of the steps. I ended up hitting disable on some PCI express refresh?timer? setting. I looked up exactly where I messed up, can't remember exactly now. I can figure it out again if it would help.
  4. It boots for two seconds then shuts down and then repeats. I changed a wrong setting and now that what it does. That's why I need to remove the battery. This weekend I'll get the battery removed and will report back later.
  5. Edit: OK do I dug deep into this thread and found a couple people desoldering the CMOS battery but never replying back, I'll take it as a good sign and get at this when I get home tonight.
  6. Hi, just wondering if desoldering the battery cleared the BIOS settings? I'm in the same situation you were in. Thanks!
  7. Watched the imitation game. really good movie.
  8. Im getting back into elder scrolls online.
  9. creativ1ty

    Winter... !! :)

    I love snowboarding, haven't done it at all this year tho.
  10. tried it once, was too use to LoL to re-learn all the champions.
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