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  1. So, Super've now M14Xr2 my yet again disassembled because I was curious. have two pictures taken which places the chips show there seem to be two different chips, the chip has been the sent me corresponds to the imprint of the old chips and the other at position U604 is a completely different. Maybe this will help you even further. Greetings dermosi U48 Location: U604 Location:
  2. Hello, i have the same Problem i buyed a replacement chip ( Winbond 25..... 1301 ) an i used the Location "U48" but after the Replacement my M14XR2 doesn't do anything, i don't no why. I have wrote an Email to my Chip Dealer which Bios Version he had programmed at the Chip. I hope that was the right Location, when i remember right the Chip on Location "U604" are a little bit smaller and have another Description i think. When are you finished and its work please write the right Location and your Chip Description please. Good Look , dermosi.
  3. Anybody have heard about mass production from this cooling system ??? and at the video are the m18.... for my m14 i would to buy a liquid cooling when its possible
  4. Ronnie, i have the same problem at the unlocked A13 but i have tried again and at the third try and flashing there are no more errors. I dont know why but its gone and i have no problems since the tribble flash
  5. Is it possible that are different versions of motherboards are in the m14r2 ?? I cant go so high with my m14r2 that crash in games by 250mhz or my cooling paste is to old i should renew that is that possible my m14r2 is 1 1/2 years old an on daily gaming.
  6. Hey thanks for this tutorial and its a good idea, i have the unlocked Bios and i think i should replace the original cooling paste the ni read that here. A another question is what are this mod costs completly ? I ask while i have artic cooling mx-3 at home but your cooling mod are a better idea and i dont want to open the mx14r2 two times.
  7. Hello i have flashed from A09 to A13 unlocked without problems too , very nice work and more comfortable to configure Thanks for it.
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