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  1. honeytung

    ACER V3 772G bios for overpassing 135mhz overlock limit

    Hi Klem, I modded my bios with the files created by BDMaster: https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-Acer-Aspire-V3-772G-variables-for-setup-var-decompiled?page=19 After I modded my bios, I still cannot overclock my 760M over 135mhz Could you help me? I have an Acer 772G with 760M Here is a pic of my gpu with GPU-Z Thanks in advance!
  2. honeytung

    Notebook for Multimedia Work

    I would also recommend the Y510p The SLI is just powerful and great for gaming but I don't think you will get the advantage of it if you are just for Multimedia Work
  3. honeytung

    SLI 780M or 880M gaming laptop

    I will also go with the 780M SLI because 8XXM series isn't really worth the upgrade. The benchmarks didn't have a huge difference between the 780M and 880M. I personally think you can try to overclock the single 780M and get the same performance as the single 880M.
  4. honeytung

    no acer love in here

    I also got a V3 772G with the same GPU as you have. I am wondering if I can overclock my GPU more than the 135MHz limit which I don't think it is possible without the bios modded.
  5. honeytung

    Does Acer still have a bad reputation?

    I think Acer doesn't do well about the cooling of the laptop. But I think V3 772G is working very well for me and I haven't got a temperature above 70 degrees when playing demanding games like Crysis 3 for about 4 hours.

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