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  1. Definitely signed! Tired of hearing how good it is and then telling my friends that I haven't even touched it followed by gasps.
  2. Allkar0307

    GeForce 337.88 WHQL

    Works great with GTX 670m. No more random crashes in Dark Souls 2 for me.
  3. Saw Scott Pilgrim vs the world. Really endearing and Michael Cera is just perfect for that role. Cheesy one-liners and fighting without the stupid "love beats everything" makes it a movie I would recommend to watch.
  4. You should try The Walking Dead by telltale games. Play season 1 which is at an okay price right now. The story will capture you and I can promise you that you will feel for the characters by the end and want more... Which is why they're making season 2... That one is even better somehow!
  5. Google search "disable windows key". microsoft support has a program that will do it for you or instructions how to do it manually are also just below the download link. I would post a direct link but I'm not sure how the forum feels about posting links.
  6. If nothing helps you can try to remove and reseat the CMOS battery located somewhere on your motherboard. This will roll back the BIOS back to it's factory settings. (don't forget to kill all power to the computer.) Do a quick google search on your laptop model to see how to access the battery and you should be set.
  7. I use a cooling pad on my ASUS laptop and my idle temp went down from 45 degrees Ceslsius to 35. Also while gaming it decreased by 15 degrees from 75-80 to around 60. It was worth the small price of 20 euro to prevent overheating.
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