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  1. Hello, I have this laptop, however I believe it may need some tuning as pretty much is saying. I want to do two things, Change my wifi card (I'm in the process of change my BIOS ) and repaste my GPU. So I come to you if you can recommend good wifi cards that may work with this laptop and if anybody has some experience/guide/youtube links to repaste this gpu. Thanks in advance.
  2. zeigen

    Laptop Cooling Pad

    I have a Y510p I live in Mexico and it is quite some warm down here. I was having troubles to play a few intensive games as my GPU would reach up to 95 and then just shut down. I tried a few coolpads, many of them would even cool down 2 degrees. I just got from amazon the Cooler Master NotePal U3 and it actually works quite well. It stills reaching about some times 85-90 degress, but at least it won't shutdown. I think the trick is to get a coolpad that can actually send air flow direcly to the fans to help them. Another trick that I believe may give you a hand is to repaste your CPU and GPU. There are a few topics around here that say that the paste work is very bad and a very bad quality.
  3. zeigen

    New y510p Owner

    BTW, don't clone disks (old HD to new SSD/HD) I have tried from different angles and it always breaks the one touch function. You will need to use fdisk to fix the volumes and the OEM entries.
  4. As said by everybody else, 16GB is a little bit of overkill. I don't remember to ever been over 6 or 7 while playing. I myself only use the 16GB while rendering or using virtual boxes. Besides that I don't think that you will find having 16GB of ram usefull.
  5. I tested by myself. If you disable SLI my battery lifes is about 3 hours. If I physically remove the card it goes up to 3:20. So based on this I believe it actually uses some little amount of energy while inserted however not really much.
  6. Well, mine has 16GB of RAM and SLI. Main problem is heat. IT really gets HOT. not even on max settings it may reach 90+ If you plan to use it for intense gaming I would recommend to get a good cool pad. One of those where you can arrange the fans in a setup where you get the best of them.
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