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  1. The lenovo y series already has the one button reset i suggest that you go to the lenovo website at the download driver section and reinstall it
  2. Could use a recommendation too. I had a macbook pro and a sony before I brought this y510p sli and the y510p is the coolest one is y510p. I did tried a few cooling pad for my previous laptops although none would work.
  3. For mPCIe implementations mainly. I know ExpressCard is essentially being phased out for (better) things such as TB.
  4. Are there any other hardware devices locked by Lenovo or can I upgrade the ram and the ssd freely? I have read on other posts that all devices that have a Lenovo part number must be replaced with Lenovo parts. I did buy an Intel 7260hmw ac and that's how I found out about the whitelist issues. I was planning on upgrading the rest as well but don't want to waste money if there will be issues. Also if there is whitelisting on all the other parts will the bios mod take care of them? Thank
  5. Does the Lenovo whitelist involve all of their products? I was planning on buying an Intel 7260NGW M.2 for my wifes yoga pro 2 but now am hesitant because its still under warranty and don't want to mod the bios yet.
  6. Will do this ASAP and post pics for you! What about the ultrabay card though? Is it included or how are we to modify it? EDIT: you posted the second post! Thanks! Working on this now.
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