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  1. Hi every body I were using lenovo y400 for a year , but because of some problems ,I sold it and now I bought lenovo y40 instead, I checked the bios version is 99cn24ww[ v 1.07] and noted that there is no slic table found, I copied the bios and moded by phoenyx 2.57 version but the problem is ,I cant flash the moded bios with any way as every time I got error 28 that the bios is protected and cant flash it. please is there is any way to flash y40 and bypass writing protection or disable this feature? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks thepharcyde but I dont need win 8 dvd
  3. hi every body i am locking for factory recovery media for y400/y500 lenovo ideapad pc but for win 7 as i already have win 8 recovery disks. i found torrent for y580 but it is dead torrent if any one have either of the recovery media, please upload it thanks
  4. Hi now I faced a new problem as my notebook now didn't boot at all ,when tried to turn it on, it light up 2sec and shut off by it self, repeating on and off in endless process, I tried all methods found in internet and failed to recover the pc , used phoenix wincrisis,andy tool to explore recovery file of my bios I rename my bios bin to every name _extension I know in usb flash and all failed to recover my y400 bios. any one tell me what can I do to recover it thanks for all in advance
  5. Hi svI7 I have a modified ACPI table with my msdm key , Is there any way to flash it in my bios? Thanks in advance
  6. Thank you svI7 It seem that I lost my license forever as I have no bios backup , only i knew my product key through some tools before this incident happened.
  7. Thanks pintozack i used rw tool and found my bios has no key printed in MSDM file and the slic section has no data ....I knew my key before this problem , but it is not allowed to activate my win 8 by this key-activation must be yhrough the bios , if I find ACPI.rw everything report copy of any other ideapad Y400 laptop ,I think it is possible to modify my bios and re-write my oem key again thanks in advance
  8. Hi i have ideapad y400 for a year and 2m ago i used the mod bios v 2.04 ( my original was 2.02) ,after flashing the mod bios in doc way ,i checked the bios to see that the intro information page was deleted ,but the lap was able to boot to OS so I flashed the stock bios win version to restore my original bios and done every thing regained except the product key not any more recognized by even the original DVDs of recovery and automated activation was lost for win 8 pre-installed Is there any way to insert my product key in the bios specially my bios now still written in the ifo page that my comp.is licensed for win8 STD Thanks a lot in advance
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