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  1. Seems to me like a power problem. How are you powering the AKiTiO? Does the GPU have a 6-pin on it? Did you apply the paperclip trick on the PSU to make it start?
  2. Still... USB is not going to work good for eGPUs. Get sth that is PCIe based, like Thunderbolt!
  3. Imho USB is still NO option for eGPUs.
  4. Since you are in France... this barrel plug always worked great fr me: http://www.reichelt.de/DC-AKS-7525/3/index.html?&ACTION=3&LA=446&ARTICLE=150126&artnr=DC+AKS+7525&SEARCH=niedervoltstecker+2.5mm
  5. YOu can test with the AKiTiO PSU, but that should not be a long time solution.
  6. Can you post a close up of the barrel plug you are using and the wires to the 6-pin. Does the barrel plug "wiggle"? Maybe it does not sit right?!
  7. Yes, an ATX PSU will not fit, but SFX size PSUs will!
  8. @ssamydla If the 3D apps can set a specific GPU in the options menu, than it should work. Bandwidth will affect the speed very little and shouldn't be a problem!
  9. Only 1x8-Pin is fine. Is it a 220W Dell DA-2? That should easily handle a GTX960. Ran my GTX 970 with high OC without a problem. Maybe you made an error with the soldering?!
  10. Sure, Quadro should work as well. The only reason it might not work, is if the drivers for the Quadro are not so good?!
  11. I don't have the eGPU anymore, sorry. And you do not have to remove the GPU fans, that was just my personal choice to improve cooling and overclock the GPU. I can do a step by step guide for adapters and cables, if someone buys the parts for me Could send the finshed cable by mail. I already did some soldering for other people here...
  12. Like in @benjaminlsr picture, you need to get all the power from the Dell DA-2 into a barrel plug. Not sure if you should with one that has screw terminals. But should work.
  13. Using two PSUs might damage the PSU or the AKiTiO electronics. But if it works...
  14. In his diagramm he connected a 6-Pin to the inside of the board. So there will be more than 75W.
  15. In theory, seems good. But I am not feeling well, when thinking about so much power going through that barrel plug.
  16. Hmmm, currently I would guess it is the PSU. Can you test with a better one?
  17. Yeah, they work now Brown = black = ground. Cable looks fine.
  18. Huh.... and how did he connect the Dell DA-2? Was there a 8/6-Pin to barrel mod?
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