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  1. Hello, my name is Tobias, yesterday I tried to reflash this (Biosbackup.bin) modified bios BDMaster made for me a few years ago. I used the windows interface to flash the bios but unfortunately the screen completely freezed and an error similar to this one showed up: "Unable to flash bios, no permissions"... I turned of the Laptop, removed the battery and tried restart it... But nothing... No fan, not even the power indicator LED on the power button turned on. Just a black screen. After that I tried to reflash the bios by emergency mode, but that was unpossible because there is no power on the USB port. The last option I´ve known was to use my CH341 EEPROM programmer with SOIC-8 Clip. I completely disassembled the laptop, connected the clip to the bios chip and reflashed the bios. Unfortunatelly it´s still not working, the laptop looks like being dead... The Bios chip is this one: MXIC MX 25L1673E M2I-10G, SOIC-8, 16MBit SPI Flash. It has a capacity of 2MB but the BIOS rom a capacity of 4MB. I did a lil bit of research and found out that on this 4MB ROM could be also be in additon stored the intel ME (management interface) with 2MB of storage... How can I remove this from the BIOS rom? Otherwise I´ll never be able to reflash the Bios properly. What am I doing wrong? ;( Hopefully someone can give me a lil tip to revive my laptop (Acer V3-772g-747a161TBDWakk) :-/ Wish all of you an amazing day! Tobias EDIT: I recently found out that there is an other MXIC MX 25L1673E M2I-10G BIOS chip on the back side of the motherboard... Now I´ve totally no idea what to do... EDIT2: Could this second BIOS Chip be for redundancy? Does that make sense? ?
  2. I think too. I have scoured several technical forums, where the same error was occurred because of a to weak power supply. Unfortunately I have not found a stronger power supply with the same plug. I need a plug with the dimensions: 2.5 *1.7mm An do you think , if i need an other power supply from an other company and solder on the required plug, it could work? Because some companys (for example dell and hp) use impudent tricks to protect their notebooks from not original (hp, dell) power supplys. Other power supplys would not work. Greets
  3. Hi, i used a power meter with a tolerance of +-1%. VOLTCRAFT Energy Check 3000 Energiekosten-Messgerät, Speicherfunktion mit Langzeitüberwachung LCD 0,001 - 9999 kWh 2376 im Conrad Online Shop | 125330 The maximum required power was 110W. My power supply supply maximum 120W. Nevertheless my notebook shutdown. What could be the reason for this ? Thank you for your help
  4. Hi Klem, I spent you 15 dollars for your great work, I hope thats enough. One question: How can I check the required power of the notebook with a programm? Because if I overclock it to much, the notebook shut down. And can I use a power supply from an other manufacturer? Thank you for your help. greets
  5. EDIT: I tested the maximum stable base clock offset and memory clock offset. But beware: You need take another external monitor (HDMI, vga), because otherwise there is not enough power for all. The benchmark programms I used for this tests were: Furmark, and Heaven Benchmark. Additional you need some control programms, for example: CPU-Z, HwMonitor to keep a watch on the temperature. What you really need for this overclocking: an external cooler, because otherwise your notebook is going to become really fast extremly hot, which could damage your hardware. Good luck! This are my tested most stable clocks, with increased core voltage and external monitor. @Klem: How much do you want for your great work?
  6. @Klem: I tried many different clocks, I took lower clocks than you, but my laptop shut down after a few minutes with Stress test ( furmark and heaven Benchmark). Whats the Problem? I took a selfmade external cooler, so the Temperature was not higher than 65 degree Celsius. Hope you can help me. Ps: (I transfered some money to paypal, but it will take a few days, until it's on the paypal Account). Greets
  7. @slv7: Danke, dass du daran geacht hast. Das habe ich glücklicherweise beachtet. @Klem: I have tested your modified bios (Acer3 and Acer4). At first I updated my grafic driver. Now, gpu-z and Nvidia Inspector displays the clocks correct. But, if I start a benchmark programm, the grafic driver crash. I need to reduce the memory and the base clock a little bit. But now....it works !!! Am I need to increase the voltage offset a little(!!!) bit for no more crashes? How can I ever thank you? Thank you so much for your fast help and your great effort!. Please give me your Paypal ID, so I can value your help with some coffees
  8. @Klem : to prove it to you, I reflashed the previous bios Look: --------------------------------------------- EDIT: it's just occurred to me that GPU-Z show and NVidia Inspector
  9. @Klem:Before I flashed your file ( main bios), my vbios had was After I flashed your Bios, I had Greets
  10. Hi, I am so sorry, but it does not work in spite of flashing the modified bios.
  11. hi slv7, could you please unlock the voltage and OC limit of the GTX 760m? Original.rom Thank you for your effort! Greets from Austria, schöne Grüße aus Österreich
  12. @svl7: könntest du bitte das Vbios modifizieren? can you please modify that vbios? Greets:fat:
  13. Watchdogs is a great game
  14. Hello, my old Acer notebook is 6 years old and make his job nevertheless great.
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